You are handsome enough
to make me blush,
You are a heartthrob
on whom I have a crush.

Cute little things you do
are so fine,
I would just look at you
and smile.

When you run your fingers
through your hair,
I could do nothing but
secretly stare.

The way you walk
is so freaking divine,
Your aura intoxicates me
like a shot of wine.

The way you smirk
it drives me crazy,
You’re the shine that
makes me go hazy.

The sound of your giggle
is so mild,
It makes my imaginations
go wild.

Every single time I see
you smile,
My tummy would feel

You’re an ocean
You’re the fire,
You are a thing
of great desire.

You’re a breed of sexyness
and I can’t resist,
I’m so glad
that you exist.❤️

All Rights Reserved.


Oh gosh!!
Finally he replied to me.
I couldn’t believe.
I was on cloud nine.

We began talking.
I told him about my feelings.
I said ‘Hey you’re cute’ .
He said ‘You are cute too’.

Days passed on.
He asked for a date.
We met.
I was a bit nervous.

Surprisingly, He proposed me.
I said yes.

Butterflies started dancing around me.
We started the conversation.

We slowly came closer.
He smirked.
And looked deep into my Eyes.
I was dying of shyness.

He tried to hold my Hands.
Pulled me closer.
We were about to Kiss.

But suddenly I woke up from my Sleep..!! ❤️

All Rights Reserved.