Neither safe inside the Womb nor Outside.
Neither safe in the Light nor in the Dark.

Neither safe on the Streets nor inside the Home.
Neither safe amongst the Friends nor amongst the Strangers.

Neither safe inside the School nor in the Office.
Neither safe at the age of 6 nor at 60.

Neither safe in Skirt nor in Burkha.
Neither safe during the Day nor during the Night.

Neither safe Online nor Offline.

Neither safe here nor there, she is safe nowhere!! 😑



Holding hands,
Walking together,
Under the moonlight.

He touched my hair,
Pulled me closer,
Looked deep into my eyes.

Drops of rain,
Fell over us,
Made our heart rejoice.

We came closer,
Kissed in the rain,
Hugged each other tight.

Sound of rain,
Echoed around,
Everything looked so bright.

Like a whirlwind,
We danced under the sky,
On that heavenly night.

Oh wait!!
That was just a dream,
I kept fantasising all the way through out the night..!!❤